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The AngelPics Photo Retouch Service Details

What services provided by Hollywood FotoFix are covered under the AngelPics project?

Hollywood FotoFix, under the AngelPics Project, will retouch any picture of a stillborn baby, or a baby that has died soon after birth. Our artists will remove any bruising, tubes, and other medical equipment that the baby may have, and make the image look more natural and easier to look at and share with the family. The service is intended for full or near term photographs only.

If the photo has been taken to a participating Dealer - the dealer will also provide a free 8x10 print of the restored image. Additional prints and sizes may be purchased from the dealer after the image has been completed.

We will also cover any "Reworking" of the image if you are unsatisfied by the retouching quality. To rework a web-order, please contact Hollywood FotoFix to speak with a customer service rep and provide the details on what needs to be done. Dealers can re-work an order free of charge likewise if the photo was brought into them to provide the retouching. We give the same quality guarantee on our AngelPics as we do with our normal restoration/retouching work.

If you still have questions, comments, or retouching stories - please Contact Us any time during normal business hours.

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