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How the AngelPics Project was Created

Who is Hollywood Fotofix?

Hollywood FotoFix has been in the digital photo restoration and photo retouch business since 1992, and since then they have restored and retouched hundreds of thousands of photos. We have received jobs that range from the restoration of early 1900's images that have been heavily worn and damaged, to the simple retouching of a fresh photograph to help remove minor glare from glasses.

How the AngelPics project began

In 1998, one of our retail dealers brought us a photo of a stillborn child and asked us if there was "anything we could do". The child bore the physical marks indicative of her brief struggle for life. Hollywood FotoFix President Mark Long was so touched, that he handled the job himself. Mark spent hours with that angel, removing bruises and tubes, making a nice portrait out of a tragic photo.The dealer was amazed, and asked how much he should charge. "I can't charge for this," Mark responded. Now, Hollywood FotoFix provides the same free service to other families in the same situation through the AngelPics Project.

The AngelPics project - Today

Since that day, we have built up the photo program and encouraged every one of our dealers to participate in the program with us. With every new photo dealer that joins us, we build awareness of the Project - which spans all over the United States. Even with medical miracles of medicine that we now see every day, there are still stillborn babies born every day (an estimated 0.5% of pregnancies in 2002).

In 2005 we launched a new website dedicated completely to the project. We understand that some parents are not as likely to go to a storefront with such a precious photo. To help with that, we have completed an online-system that allows the parents to scan the image from home, upload it to our servers, and receive a digitally restored image back over the web. Then they can either print it out at home or take it to one of many print development studios that can print digital images suitable for framing. Our dealers sill offer the service if the parents do not have a scanner or want to ensure a high-quality scan.

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