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Why We Care - The purpose behind the AngelPics project

A Good Work We Can Do For Families

Anyone involved with a stillborn knows that it is an extremely difficult situation. Any help or support is greatly appreciated. The parents of a stillborn baby might have this need, and we'd like to help.

Our Story

As the leading provider of photo retouch, Hollywood FotoFix photo restoration studio has the capability to provide this service and twe really want to take it on as our responsibility.

Our artists have had years of experience with the toughest of photo restorations around. They have tackled images all but destroyed by fire, water, and age and brought them back to 100%. No other restoration company out there has the experience we have in providing the highest quality of digitally retouched images. We feel that by helping stillborn parents in this little way, we are helping to make a sad moments a little bit brighter.

Spread the Word

Hollywood FotoFix provides the service of retouching a stillborn infant's image free of charge, and we want the word to spread to every city in the nation! If you have any friends or relatives who would benefit from this free service, please pass the word along. Let's help our loved ones to save a photo and a cherished memory of their Angel.

Our Beliefs

We would like to share our beliefs in an attitude of caring, and without further agenda than to provide some understanding that we feel has blessed our lives.

We believe that families can be together forever, and that we have the chance to be with our little children once more. We know that these children who pass away are innocent, and for some reason they came to this world briefly, received a body, but didn't have to be tested like the rest of us. More information about our beliefs can be found here, and here. If you'd like some missionaries to come by and share more about these particular beliefs, you can click here.

If you would like to share your beliefs, especially links where more information can be found, please share them with us - we're sure some could benefit from reading what many of us have to share.

As we find understanding and peace, from our beliefs, a good friend, the perspective of time, or from our families, anything we can share to help each other must be good.

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