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Some of the families we help want to share their experiences with everyone. We are happy to be able to share their feelings and experiences with you.

What can I say about these people...they are AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!! They were able to transform a heart breaking photo of our precious baby into an image that was extremely close to how we saw him through our eyes and heart. I cannot thank you enough. I truly, deep down from inside of my soul, appreciate the service you provide for bereaved parents. Thank you again.


I cannot thank you enough for the photo restoration you did for my little girl... Whoever took the time to restore her pictures did a wonderful job... words could never express my appreciation, but I just had to send this letter and let you know how grateful I am...

Thanks again, T.P.

My husband Daniel and I lost our infant son, Mark. He survived but was taken off life support five hours later as his vital signs plummeted and ICU said they couldn't sustain his life; if we wanted to hold our son for the last few minutes of his life, they had to remove him from support.

I don't need to tell any grieving parent what they are going through when they experience the loss of their baby. For us it was a nightmare, unreal, time became still, nothing else mattered. I think we held onto our son the rest of the day and into the night so we could permanently engrave his image into our memories forever. Luckily through our cloudedness, a nurse came in and took a couple polaroid photos for us. I wasn't even thinking to take my own or I feel I would have better captured how we saw him.

Regardless, today we are thankful for the few photos given to us (as unfortunately, when you have an infant in ICU, they don't often think to take a first photo for you like they do for healthy, alive and full term babies, which is very sad). Given the trauma of his birth, he was left with many bruises and a red/purple color to much of his face. For some, it was difficult to look at and, for us, it reminded us of the pain he must of suffered and we grieved even more knowing he was so beautiful to us behind all the bruises.

He's been gone for four years now. Sometimes when I grieve, I search infant loss sights to see what comforting and mundane materialistic thing I can purchase which might help me cover up the pain. Of course nothing does, but the other week I came across the angelpics site. I instantly began looking for the one picture I had of Mark that I liked the best but it was on a CD and I couldn't find it. I tore the entire house apart and finally by the end of the day found it and burst into tears. I was so hopeful. To restore his picture where we and others can see our son as we did was indescribable. I submitted the photo very excited. My husband was cautious. We prayed it could be done and it was.

I cannot tell you what a beautiful job they did for our son's photo. When I first saw the picture, my heart skipped a beat, I almost lost my breath, and began to cry. For the first time, I saw my son and not the scars he had endured. His looks were not altered in any way, but the artists of this company managed to lift every mark and make his color look alive. It's the most precious gift I've been given. Now I just want it blown up and framed by them so I can include him with the rest of the family photos. Thank you SO much. I hope you know what a huge difference you have made by your kindful acts and time with this for parents.

Rebecca and Daniel

What a blessing AngelPics has been for me. We have two living daughters who were 7 and 4 when our angel Elise Alexandra was born still at 39 weeks. The photos that the hospital took were not ones that we felt comfortable sharing with the girls ... yet they wanted and needed to see their baby sister so badly. AngelPics made that possible. I am absolutely certain that being able to see Elise and carry her picture around has aided in their grieving process, as it definitely has aided mine. We are now able to proudly share the most precious angel we will ever know with our friends and family. "Thank you" doesn't even come close to expressing the gratitude that we feel to AngelPics and the compassionate people who are making this possible for those of us suffering from such a heartbreaking loss...but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Sara and family

Bless you, AngelPics. I am sitting here crying again, though I thought most of the tears had gone. Thank you for giving us pictures of our precious baby that we can treasure for years to come as we wait to be reunited with him once more. Thank you so very much, from the depths of my heart.


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