How the AngelPics Project was created

After 6 years of being in business, one of our retail dealers brought us a photo of a stillborn child in 1998 and asked if there was "anything we could do.” The child bore the physical marks indicative of her brief struggle for life. Hollywood FotoFix President Mark Long was so touched that he handled the job himself. Mark spent hours with that angel, removing bruises and tubes, making a nice portrait out of a tragic photo. The dealer was amazed and asked how much Mark would charge. "I can't charge for this," Mark responded. Now, Hollywood FotoFix provides the same free service to other families in the same situation through the AngelPics Project.

We’re Uniquely Qualified

We - Hollywood FotoFix and RetouchUp - are leading providers of photo retouching and restoration. We have the capability to provide this service and we really want to take it on as our responsibility. Our artists have had years of experience with the toughest of photo retouching and restorations around. They have tackled images all but destroyed by fire, water, and age and brought them back to 100%. No other restoration company out there has the experience we have in providing the highest quality of digitally retouched images. We feel that by helping stillborn parents in this little way we are helping to make sad moments a little brighter.

Please help us spread the word of AngelPics so any family going through this can receive a beautifully retouched image for free. Let’s help our loved ones save a photo and cherished memory of their angel.

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