***We process nearly 100 images per week. Current wait times are between 3-4 weeks.***

The AngelPics Project

AngelPics was created to donate photo retouching to the parents and families of a stillborn or newborn who didn't make it home from the hospital. Our skilled artists are able to remove medical equipment, marks and bruising, and even replace backgrounds.

Free Image Retouching

We’re so glad that we can offer one free retouched image to every family going through this. Each family deserves to see their angel in the best way possible. We can retouch additional images for $150.00 per photo if the family desires. This option allows families to get as many images of their little one as they want while allowing us to continue serving families without restriction.

Submitting Pictures to be Retouched

You may already have a digital image of your angel in which case you can create a free account and upload the image(s) to us. If you only have a physical copy, scan or take a picture of the image and then you can upload the digital copy to us!

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