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Participating Hollywood FotoFix Photo Restoration Service Dealers

Hollywood FotoFix has thousands of dealers throughout the United States. They have volunteered to scan your baby photos for photo restoration, or you can login and scan them yourself. We invite you to use our convenient Dealer Locator tool to find your local dealer.

Most of our dealers participate in the Baby AngelPics Project along with us. These photo experts understand the meaning behind photos, as many of them are professional photographers themselves. Since they are already a dealer with us, they will already have all of the equipment necessary to make a high-quality scanned digital image from what is most likely the only photo you have of your Baby Angel.

Our dealers will also provide an 8x10 photo print free-of-charge if you go into their store and ask for the Baby AngelPics Project service. They also will have the facilities right there to order any additional prints you need of the restored image.

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